S&P Capital IQ Receives Seven Awards in The Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street Analysts Survey For 2013

Six equity analysts from S&P Capital IQ have been ranked as “Best on the Street” in seven categories in The Wall Street Journal’s annual survey of equity analysts stock picking. This year’s second place finish marks the eighth time in eleven years that S&P Capital IQ’s independent equity research team has finished in the top ten in The Wall Street Journal’s prestigious survey. Overall, S&P Capital IQ’s equity analysts have been recognized in the survey 93 times.


Joseph Agnese

Stuart Benway, CFA

Jim Corridore

Efraim Levy, CFA

James Moorman, CFA*


Christopher Muir

*Recognized in two categories


Retailers – Food and Drug

Heavy Machinery& Materials


Auto & Auto Parts


Telecommunications Equipment


James Moorman was named in both the Telecommunications and Telecommunications Equipment categories. Airlines analyst Jim Corridore received the award for the seventh time and Retail Food and Drug analyst Joseph Agnese was recognized for the fourth time. Auto and Auto Parts analyst Efraim Levy and Heavy Machinery & Materials analyst Stuart Benway received awards for the third consecutive year, with Levy being recognized in five of the last six years. Utilities analyst Christopher Muir is a first-time recipient. The Wall Street Journal’s complete Best on the Street survey was released on May 9, 2013*.

“S&P Capital IQ has a long history of independence and objectivity in equity research, with a heritage dating back 80 years,” said Stephen Biggar, Global Director of Equity Research for S&P Capital IQ. “The consistent stock-picking abilities and experience of our analysts is evidenced by their multiple awards over the years.”

“Our fundamental approach to stock selection is based on the analyst’s qualitative assessment of a company’s earnings, competitive dynamics, and industry trends,” said Barbara Reguero, Managing Director of Cross Asset Class Research at S&P Capital IQ. “Our approach, which is based on relative and intrinsic valuation, allows our analysts to focus on research and analysis.”

S&P Capital IQ’s equity research draws from the award-winning STock Appreciation Ranking System (“STARS”) for U.S. coverage and Stock Reports, including detailed financial information, such as valuation models, sector, and peer group analysis, and proprietary S&P Capital IQ’s metrics such as Fair Value and Quality Rankings, on over 1,100 U.S.-listed equities, used by market professionals.

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2013 award winners

Left to right: Steve Biggar, Stuart Benway, Efraim Levy, James Moorman, Christopher Muir, Jim Corridore, Joseph Agnese, Barbara Reguero